What’s the best time to charge an EV? While you sleep.

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The perfect EV charging solution for accommodation providers

The secret that most people who don’t drive an EV have yet to discover is that the best time to charge is while you’re asleep. Starting the day full and ready to go means you don’t have the hassle and wasted time charging before you head off. By providing EV charging at your accommodation business you can attract and retain this growing market.


We select the latest hardware, sourced from leading manufacturers, and connect it to our world-class software platform. Simple, vehicle to grid, or inductive, we stay ahead of it all and provide you the latest future-proofed solutions


Through our partnership with our installation partner JLL, we can install anywhere in the world. From electrical design through to car park painting, our team does it all.

Monitoring, Management & Monetization

Our support team monitors and manages all EV chargers on your site. You choose the tariffs to charge your customers, and you receive detailed data and reports which you can download and analyse.

Driver Management

From your staff, to tenants to the general public, we have access systems which can be tailored to an individual station or driver. Its all in your control.

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Attract and Retain New Customers

As the world shifts from gas to electric, EV drivers will be attracted to those accommodation businesses that provide overnight charging. If you have large corporations or Government customers, this will soon form a compulsory requirement as they shift their fleet to electric. Get ahead and retain and grow your customers ahead of the market.

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Choose the Tariff that Works Best

Free, a flat rate, idle fees, or energy based the choice is yours. Use the chargers in the best way to compliment your unique business that makes you stand out from the competition. And because you control the tariffs, you can change them at any time, for any user and any station.

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Generate New Revenues

When not in use by your guests you can make the chargers available to the public, for a fee of course! Set a guest tariff and a separate public tariff and control access in a way that works for you. If usage is increasing, put up the prices. Need to draw in more drivers, run a special. The control is in your hands.