Commercial Building

Attract and retain your cornerstone tenants with EV charging

Your one-stop EV charging solution for your commercial building.

From now and into the future, cornerstone tenants will demand EV charging for their employees. Get ahead of regulation compliance with an EV charging solution as a service that you control which meets and exceeds their needs.


We select the latest hardware, sourced from leading manufacturers, and connect it to our world-class software platform. Simple, vehicle to grid, or inductive, we stay ahead of it all and provide you the latest future-proofed solutions


Through our partnership with our installation partner JLL, we can install anywhere in the world. From electrical design through to car park painting, our team does it all.

Monitoring, Management & Monetization

Our support team monitors and manages all EV chargers on your site. You choose the tariffs to charge your customers, and you receive detailed data and reports which you can download and analyse.

Driver Management

From your staff, to tenants to the general public, we have access systems which can be tailored to an individual station or driver. Its all in your control.

Title Heading

CAMs & Operating Expense designed.

Our flat monthly fee generally comes in is less than $0.20/sq ft, ensuring that there is minimal additional costs for your tenants.


New Revenue

Staff carparks can be transformed into revenue generating assets outside work hours, with fully flexible tariffs you control. From free to surge pricing, you control and keep the vast majority of the revenue.


Kicking Carbon Goals

Installing EV chargers ensures regulatory compliance and contributes to achieving green building goals. And because you can download all the data from your sites and stations, you can transform this into reports for the market and your tenants.