Our People

Eileen Murray

Strategic Advisor

Eileen is a living legend in the US financial services market, having served as co-CEO of the largest hedge fund in the world, and as a senior member of HSBC. She now leads FINRA as well as being on the Boards of several multi-nationals. Eileen has a passion for technology and financial structure guides our global efforts.

Nigel Broomhall

CEO & Co-Founder

Co-founder and passionate advocate of the shift to electric transport. 20 years electricity industry experience. Drives electric and loves it.

Jane Rowse​


Jane lives and breathes delivery. She’s been the global PM for McDonalds in digital and supply chain.

Hope Cooper


Highly accomplished people leader, with an extensive network across NA. Hope has worked in some of the biggest companies in the world and brings a proven track record of operational excellence, team building and increasing productivity.

Mark D. Young

Security Advisor

Mark D. Young is a leading authority on national security, intelligence, and advanced technology having played a critical role in the oversight and execution of the nation’s technical policies, plans, and operations. Mr. Young is the Senior Advisor to the Chief Executive Officer at ConsenSys Software, Inc., the leading Ethereum software company enabling developers and enterprises to build next-generation financial infrastructure applications and access the decentralized web.
Who We Are

We are about integrity; respect; performance; and working hard, collaboratively, and with speed.  Our focus is on undoing the environmental damage that has been done, quickly; we know there is not time to waste.





Clean & Green Ambassadors

How We Are


We do the RIGHT thing


We take responsibility for our actions

Authentic and Direct

We tell it like it is

Bold and Audacious

We set big goals and push hard to achieve them

Action oriented, Performance Driven

We believe results matter, talk does not

Diverse and Inclusive

We believe diversity makes us stronger…intolerance is not allowed


We do what we do because we are passionate about it and we love the people with whom we work


Bold and Audacious

We set big goals and push hard to achieve them