Got a question? We have the most frequently asked questions and everything you need to know below.

Check the LED on the charger. If it isn’t glowing the charger may be faulted.

Did you stop the charge using the app? You may be able to restart it using the phone app.

With most EVs this happens when you unlock your car.

Try restarting using the phone app. If this doesn’t work, unplug the cable and try plugging it in again and starting using the app or RFID card (if you have one)

Please let us know using the phone app so we can fix it.

Please send an email to support@iucharging.com. 

Not yet, coming soon!

Your receipt is displayed once the charge is complete.

We accept most major credit cards and outline all those we accept in the app. If yours won’t load, please check all the numbers. If yours won’t load that may be because it isn’t a supported card

A charge can cost differently at different chargers and at different times of day. Please check the rates on your phone app before starting a charge.

You need to load in a supported credit card before you can start a transaction. Then you’re all good.

Click on transactions at the bottom of your screen and it’s there like magic!

All types of EVs can be charged. For some you may need to use an adaptor specific to your car.

Use the map on your app to find one that isn’t in use and is green.

This depends on your car. Chargers can deliver up to 19.1kW’s of energy, most EVs today can only ‘eat’ 7.2-11kW. Look into your cars manual or online technical specs to find out the size of your onboard invertor.